Desert Air Filter Factory Co.

Desert Air Filter Factory (DAFF) was established in 1995. It is dedicated to the design, development, manufacture of the quality products which improve the air we breathe around us.  DAFF is proud to have the capabilities to manufacture all kinds of Air Filtration Products under one roof. Also DAFF is the only local manufacturer of Aluminum Air Filter Media, Air Filter finish products and Air Filter accessories. This feature is only provided by very few companies worldwide.

DAFF is a leader in the HVAC industry; we have worked closely with the industry associations such as ASHRAE and ARI to achieve realistic industrial standards and testing procedures. This has helped to ensure acceptable product performance claims, product warranties and overall operation of products and equipment in the HVAC field.

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 Over the years, DAFF has focused on quality improvements in order to guarantee quality consistency and full satisfaction to our customers.

The following is a collection of our main products:

  • Aluminum Filter (Media Rolls & Sheets).
  • 100% Polyester Filter Media Rolls.
  • Aluminum Filter.
  • Pleated Air Filters.
  • Disposable Panel Filters.
  • Absolute HEPA Filters.
  • UCV Ultra Clean Ventilation Module.
  • Minipleat HEPA Filters.
  • Minipleat V-Bank Filter.
  • Rigid Box Filters.
  • Gas Turbine Filters.
  • Cartridge Filters.
  • Compact Filters.
  • Electrostatic Filters.
  • Filter Bags.
  • Sandwich Filters.
  • Cube Filters.
  • Grease Filters.

Carbon Filters.